History of Clinton Corruption

The Clinton Foundation was created in 1997 while President Bill Clinton was serving his second term. However since January 20, 2007 this foundation has been associated with Hilary in her run for POTUS. Im sure in years to come the Clinton Foundation will be constantly mentioned because it will be passed down to Chelsea Clinton’s résumé when she inevitably runs for a public office. Well as you may have heard from the limited media coverage that it gets, the Clinton foundation isn’t the squeaky clean lifesaver that we are constantly told by the left.

Annually The Clinton Foundation makes around $142.8 million (via 2010). Now what most would think is that it receives its donations through charitable citizens and organizations. However for some reason the Clintons forgot to disclose 1,100 donations to the Foundation. The Foundation has constantly released donations received in past years, except for many that were given during the four years that Hilary held the position of Secretary of State. This evidence alone can carry the suspicion of illegal activity throughout the Clinton Foundation, but there is much more evidence which hints towards a shady practice within the charity. The Foundation is often accused of a pay to play scheme with foreign government officials and this is apparent in emails released. Through means of his company NewsMax president and CEO Christopher Ruddy donated between one and five millions dollars to the Clinton Foundation in 2009. During August 2009 former U.S. ambassador to Venezuela Otto Reich struggled to set up a meeting with the State Department in Panama, Ruddy sent an email to top aide Doug Band asking for help setting up meeting. (emails shown below) These emails reveal a suspicious tone that shouldn’t be exchanged between Clinton’s top aides and a media mogul. These are only two of the many emails that may contain a Secretary of State influenced by money through foreign powers. Now if Christopher Ruddy were to donate to the charity why wouldn’t he do so through normal means, instead of having to create a meeting through U.S. Ambassador to Venezuela? There is no doubt that the foundation in some way shape or form is used as a catalyst within the Clinton’s political agenda.
Another example of The Clintons having their hands metaphorically caught in the cookie jar is the Lolita Express’ travel logs. Infamous financier Jeffrey Epstein owns this Boeing 727 and Bill Clinton has supposedly been aboard the plane up to twenty six times. If the name Jeffrey Epstein sounds familiar you probably don’t recognize him from the investment firm he created. Mr. Epstein has gained a notoriety as a criminal due to his thirteen month prison sentence and labelling as a sex offender. He faced several lawsuits due to his perverted acts done against minors and would go on to make seventeen out of court settlements whilst others would remain in court. At this point you should be asking yourself what is a former leader of The free world doing on an ex convicts private jet. Well the media is being shunned by both Secret Service Agents aboard the plane and the Clinton administration when asked to provide such information through the Freedom of Information Act. On most of the flights Bill would have an abundant amount of Secret Service agents accompanying him, which is no surprise due him being a former United States President. However on May 22/25 of 2002, the former President had zero secret service agents aboard the plane set for Asia according to logs. Flight logs are required to be filed accurately with the FAA (Federal Aviation Administration), which concludes that Clinton would go with Epstein unprotected. Now if you were a former President of the United States and had the ability to surround yourself with state of the art protection while in the midst of someone with a criminal background wouldn’t you utilize it? This displays the fact that Epstein and Clinton must have a relationship with one another. This is an extremely inappropriate behavior for a former U.S President and possible “First Man” in the upcoming election.

The Clinton’s have had their fair share of scandals but it’s those that get little media attention that are the most appalling. Yes we constantly hear rhetoric of the failure at Benghazi or Bill cheating on Hillary, but all of their corruption that has gone unnoticed for all of these years is finally surfacing due to the upcoming election cycle. Im sure that in the coming months another scandal will break having to do with either Bill or Hillary because both have had their fair share of dirty politics.

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